E-Still is proposed as a primary objective to offer its clients a complete and efficient solution obtained by the thirty years of experience, technology and the significant references that make up customer portfolio.

ERP for Fashion & Luxury Industry
ERP solutions designed to manage, ruling them, all the processes of companies in the fashion industry by concentrating in a single environment the best summary of best practices.

The attention to new market trends, such as Social Networking, Social Media and Web Business and technological innovations such as Tablets, Smartphones and rfid conjugated to the specific skills, has allowed us to create practical business solutions.

ERP follows the logic of the total look, proposes an integrated management of all critical processes, starting from the earliest stages of product development to get to the more advanced data analysis and management control.

WEB Solutions: CRM, SCM, B2B, B2C
CRM, SCM, e-Commerce allow, following the concept of the extended enterprise, bi-directional integration between agents and constant, shops, outlets, corner and end customers (B2B and eCommerce) on the one hand and, suppliers, sub-contractors and sub-contractors other.

E-Commerce solution creates a new sales channel online fully integrated with the existing ones for companies in the fashion sector. Indispensable tool for the management of the client via the web (marketing, commerce, customer care, sales). Solutions integrate with the IT structure of the company thanks to its flexible architecture and simple, also available for Tablet devices (iPad, Android, ...).

Infrastructure solutions HW
E-STILL thanks to a team of technicians is able to design, install and manage the entire IT infrastructure.

E-STILL is able to create and define the network and the wiring of the company, interconnecting and implementing the architecture

E-STILL is through highly advanced technology, optimizes existing systems.

Cloud and Outsourcing
Management in the Cloud or outsourcing of its information system .
Team of qualified technicians and server farms highly organized and controlled 24 h 24 .

E- STILL offers its customers the ability to outsource all or part of its information system .


for further information, please write to: info@e-still.ch

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